Deacon Allen Tatara has a great gift for engaging, holding and inspiring an audience with his faith and love of Christ and the Church. He would be a blessing to anyone who would invite him to serve!

~ Jesse Manibusan

“Deacon Allen came to our parish for our Lenten Mission. His talk, “Finding God in the Everyday (or Allowing God to Find Me)” was enthusiastically received by all ages! Deacon Allen has a way of connecting with everyone through music, story, and prayer. He is inspirational and sincere.

~ Tracy Friedman
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
St. Mary Parish

Deacon Allen Tatara, The Archdiocese of Chicago’s hidden gem. “A word to describe him ‘AWESOME’ without a doubt.” His music in getting the crowd moving and delivering God’s message is incredible. We were blessed to have him open our NCYC sending Mass. Deacon Tatara’s commitment to our young church and delivering the Gospel message is a presentation to his witness.

~ Maria (Cooky) Perez-Eraci,
Archdiocese of Chicago
Coordinator of Youth Ministry for Vicariate V – OFCYM

Deacon Allen is a favorite as a preacher, sometimes dubbed “the singing deacon.” He has a purpose: to deliver a message that makes you think about “how’s it going with you and God?” He is energetic and engaging, often creative and surprising. Deacon Allen is real. He has been challenged, comforted and cared for by God and his faith.

~Yvonne Cassa, Liturgy Coordinator
St. Hubert Parish

Deacon Allen encouraged and inspired me to be more actively involved with my faith life. His outgoing, energetic, and loving personality, combined with his strong sense of family life are key characteristics for speaking with young adults and teens. Most importantly, the people who will hear Deacon Allen’s words will be spiritually and personally benefited.

High School Senior

Deacon Allen is a man of faith who gives inspiring homilies with great insights, and ideas that both comfort and challenge the average Catholic. He has a unique ability to blend song, scripture, common sense, and spirituality to help people move further along on the journey of faith. People find it easy to listen to him.

~Fr. Robert C. Rizzo
Pastor, St. Hubert Church

When Deacon Allen speaks he finds a way to connect with everyone in the room, whether you’re 15 or 50. With positivity and musicality like his, he makes it impossible to be bored. Deacon Allen is not just an inspiring speaker, he’s also an incredible person one on one. He has shown me how vital I can be to the church and changed the way I look at faith and myself. Deacon Allen is one of the main reasons I have been able to stay committed to my faith throughout high school. Deacon Allen has inspired me to continue my faith and spread the word of God to others.

~Carly, High School Sophomore

Deacon Allen is a charismatic speaker and musician. He has a great ability to intertwine humor and seriousness to get his message across to both teens and adults. Add in his musical talent and you’ve got the icing
on the cake!

~Sarah White, Director of Youth Ministry
Cedar Rapids, IA

As a teen, many topics of faith seemed very intimidating and difficult to comprehend. By relating these topics to current and common situations in everyday life, Deacon Allen has facilitated very meaningful discussions and understanding of these topics for my peers and me. Also, through his use of music, Deacon Allen is always able to make these discussions fun and engaging for all.

~Joe, High School Senior

Deacon Allen is a talented musician and emcee. He was such a pleasure to have at our WYD Chicago: A Midwest Celebration event. He really knows how to get the crowd going and how to then transition into praying over and for a keynote presenter. He is very dynamic and I recommend him for your
next event!

~ Beth Starczewski
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Office for Catechesis & Youth Ministry
Archdiocese of Chicago