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St. Leo the Great

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Today, November 10th, is the Roman Catholic Church’s memorial of the fifth-century Pope Saint Leo I, known as “St. Leo the Great.” Reigning for over two decades, he sought to preserve the unity of the Church and to ensure the safety of his people against frequent barbarian invasions. Read More

Fear Not, I Will Help You

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fear_not_2013_11_14-23While in deacon formation, one of our final steps before ordination was to meet with the diaconate board for final approval. The board was made up of both clergy and lay people and their primary responsibility was to make sure that we were prepared for ordained service to God’s people. I guess you could compare this to a final job interview – that lasted for more than four years.

The pressure was on, and I was feeling it. As I had mentioned before, I am a worrier, so this was an extremely stressful event in my life. We had a specified time to be there, so while I was waiting with my classmates, I felt pretty good about it all. One of my classmates emerged from his interview and stated that it was not so bad. But then another came out and said that it was a brutal experience. (They had two different groups interviewing us.) My stress level shot through the roof! I was feeling sick to my stomach, and apparently I was looking quite pale. Read More

Lost and Found

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I can still remember that horrific day as if it were yesterday. When my boys were very young, we were at the shopping mall when I suddenly noticed that one of them had gone missing. And I was experiencing a number of feelings: fear, anxiety, worry, helplessness, and desperation. I began to search everywhere, even in the silliest places. I was not going to leave any spot unsearched. And I even remember crying out to God, “Do whatever you want with me, Lord, but let me find my son and let him be safe.” In a matter of moments, I found him – and I gave him a gigantic hug and let him know how much I loved him. Then, I thanked God for allowing him to be found safe and sound. Read More

Prayer for One Burdened with Worry

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Father, teach me that, as your child, worry has no place in my life. I know that it helps nothing. I know that worry overcomes no difficulty.

Often in the past, Lord, I have come to you with heavy heart and burdened life, and you have answered my prayers and graciously lifted the burden from me. Yet, I still refuse to leave my burdens with you. Always I gather them up, those heavy bundles of fears and anxieties, and shoulder them again.

Help me dear Lord to overcome these useless thoughts and lift from me once again all anxieties and apprehensions. Help me to live just one day at a time with a confident trust in your tender mercy and love. May my heart know your promise that I rest only as I rest in you. I thank you for your love for me and for your help.


Stress-Control Strategies for Coping in a Crisis

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I was reading through my healthcare provider’s newsletter not too long ago when I came across an article from Arleen Fitzgerald, L.I.C.S.W., on how to cope in a crisis. There was some really good information in there that I wanted to share as well as add some additional input on the subject of finding some key strategies to help us cope when dealing with sorrow, anxiety, and anger in trying times. Read More

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

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I am a worrier! I worry a lot!

I first became aware of this when I was younger. I worried about everything: taking tests, meeting girls, dating girls, being rejected by girls (which happened more than I care to admit), finding a job, finding a wife, being a good husband and a good father. Today, I worry about whether or not I will be able to keep my job, and having enough time to do all of the things that I want to do. Read More

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