Don’t Trust Your Baggage

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In today’s Gospel (Mark 6:7-13) we read how Jesus sent out his closest friends with special instructions and powers. Like Jesus, they were to go out preaching and teaching the Good News. They too, will face rejection. Jesus also gave them detailed instructions as to what to carry and how long to stay in any given place.

Jesus warned the twelve against carrying anything they did not need. They were to be counter-witnesses to possessiveness and the consumerism to which advertisements propel us. The more we have, the less we are. The greatest treasure which the twelve carried with them was the good news of Jesus.

The notion to “take nothing for the journey” makes traveling easier. Wealth, desire for recognition and personal pride can stunt our desire for God and our freedom to love and to do good. Jesus wanted his disciples to realize that they could not depend on human possessions but to trust in God alone. Trusting in God is more than enough!

Today, we need to reflect on these two questions: are there things that we hang onto in our lives that we might be better off letting go? Are we putting all our trust in the “baggage” that we have collected throughout our lives instead of traveling light and trusting in the Lord?

Each one of us is being sent out each day to bring the good news to those we meet. May we all live as disciples, available to do the work that God calls us to do – always aware that Jesus is with us wherever we go.

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